Each week, your student is required to submit ONE of the following to count as a "lesson" during the week.
1. 30-minute lesson with a private teacher (i.e. Mr. Dick Adams, lessons at Robert M. Sides)
2. 25-minute lesson with Mr. Harman.  This can occur before or after school with if it is scheduled in advance with Mr. Harman.  It can also occur during the school day with the regular teacher's permission.  It is recommended that students use their PE or STEM period; however, students should not miss the same class multiple weeks in a row.
3. 100-minutes of practice per week, recorded on a practice log.  If a student practices a portion of the 100-minutes, but then uses options 1, 2, 4, or 5, the practice time will rollover and the student will only need to complete the remaining balance to finish the "lesson" the following week. Practice Log
4. Live playing test with Mr. Harman
5. Recorded playing test (school iPad) with metronome
Lesson 1 - We Built This City
Lesson 2 - Saturday in the Park
Lesson 3 - Rock this Town
Lesson 4 - Takin' It to the Streets
Lesson 5 - SSB & AM