Welcome to the Music Appreciation Website.  As we progress through the year, materials will be posted on this website.  Please bookmark it or be able to find it navigating through the ELSD website.
My Song Project
Marching Band Show Creation
Go to www.jwpepper.com and listen to various arrangements for marching band.
Pick 3-4 songs that you think could go together to make a show based on a theme.
Give your show a creative title.
Answer the following questions.
-What would you use for colorguard costumes?
-What equipment would you use for each song?
-What colors/designs would you use for flags?
-How would you get focus on the important people at any given moment?
-What kind of shapes would you use when making the pictures (drill) on the field?
-What would you do to make your show stand out?
Link to submit your show: