"Oh the Places You'll Hear!" by the 2016 Hughesville High School Band
Parent Preview Night
Meet the Spartan Night
We Built this CITY
Cut m. 51-63
Trumpet splits
1st - Dillan, Jacob, Kade
2nd - Danny, Matt, Olivia, Xavier
3rd - Amayah, Carly, Jacie, Jameson, Kayla, Tanner
Saturday in the PARK
Trumpet splits
m. 9-16 & m. 31-DS al Coda
1st - Dillan, Jacob, Kade, Olivia, Xavier
2nd/3rd - Amayah, Carly, Danny, Jacie, Jameson, Kayla, Matt, Tanner
m. 17-30 & Coda
1st - Dillan, Kade, Xavier
2nd - Danny, Jacob, Matt, Olivia
3rd - Amayah, Carly, Jacie, Jameson, Kayla, Tanner
Rock this TOWN
Trumpet splits
Follow the m. 9-16 from Saturday in the Park
Takin' it to the STREETS
Trumpet splits
Follow We Built this City EXCEPT
m. 43-45 use splits from m. 17-30 in Saturday
If you have questions, email Mr. Harman.