Upcoming Performances (Mandatory) for Jr. and Sr. High Choir Classes:


November 10th  / Veterans Day Assembly Performances (during the school day).

December 8th / Christmas Concert Performance / 7 PM -- (December 14th is the make-up / snow date for this concert


Dress Code Requirements: The following dress code is in effect for both performance dates above


Sr. High Choir Formal / Formal Dresses and Tuxedo’s

Ladies and Gentlemen will wear their assigned Choir Dress / Choir Tuxedo.  Ladies and Gentlemen will need to wear their own black dress shoes (not provided).   Gentlemen will need to wear black dress socks.  Choir Dresses and Tuxedo’s are to remain stored in the Choir room.  


Jr. High Choir Formal / Black and White (Dress Clothes Only)


Black and White Formal – Black dress clothes from the waist down = Black dress pant’s, black slacks, black skirt’s, black dress shoes and black socks are acceptable.  If skirts are worn, they must be at knee length or longer.

White Dress shirt or white blouse from the waist up.  Gentlemen must wear a tie (ties of any color) and a white dress shirt with a collar. Black dress shoes and black socks must be worn (no sneakers).  T-shirts and shirts with words / graphics on them are not acceptable.  Formal Dress Clothes only. 


Email Mr. Barckley at least one week prior to the first performance if you need assistance or have questions with dress code items at bbarckley@elsd.org