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November 11

Disney Checklist -- PLEASE READ -- The Itinerary is below

1. Chaperones need to have clearances.

2. Room Assignments and Chaperone Groups will be announced next week.  Room assignments are final.

3. Bag check in at 12:00 PM on November 25th.  Bus Leaves at 1:00 PM. 

4. Luggage: One carry-on day pack not to exceed a standard backpack size and one suitcase not to exceed 25 inches.

5. No cans or glass bottles are allowed on the bus -- Resealable plastic bottles only
6. You will need $100.00 - $150.00 for spending money for additional meals that are not included.  Putting money on a prepaid credit card is recommended rather than carrying cash
7. A major violation in terms of behavior may require your parent and or legal guardian to travel to Florida to pick you up.  Students are encouraged to uphold the highest standards in terms of behavior.  There is a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity such as the use of drugs and/or alcohol -- this will result in dismissal from the trip and parent pick up in Florida.
8. Instructions will be sent for students and chaperones to register their cell phone numbers with Mr. Barckley.  
9.  The band trailer will be packed with uniforms (jackets, white pants, white socks, white shoes, gauntlets, gloves) and instruments/harnesses on Tuesday, November 22nd.  We will be playing "March of the Carols".  This MUST be memorized.  Music will be available Monday, November 14th.
 Questions from the meeting:
Q: What should I bring on the bus?
A: You should bring a school bag with entertainment (portable video game system, books, cards), snack, a water bottle, a pillow, and a blanket.
Q: Can I bring my own food/drink in the park?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you fill water bottles in the park?
A: Yes, but there are only standard drinking fountains; there are none of the special bottle filling kind.
Q: Will there be WiFi or charging ports on the bus?
A:  I wouldn't plan on it.  Bus WiFi is spotty at best.  Please consider buying a portable battery pack to keep your phone charged all day.
Q: Where should I park my car if I'm leaving it overnight?
A: Please park in the LycoCTC lot in the corner closest to Ashkar and the tennis courts.
May 2nd
Here is the link to the music Library.  Please consider 3 selections that you think may be learned in 1 week for Knoebels (meaning we've played them before).
Then fill out this Google Form for your suggestions and busing.  (You need to know your transportation situation BEFORE completing this form.)
November 6, 2015
Sign up for Disney 2016.


•  Registration is now CLOSED!!!!!

 • Adults enrolling  will be serving as chaperones and following the trip itinerary.   The student and adult chaperone price are the same.

 • Student enrollment for the trip begins on September 15th, 2015.  Adult Chaperone / Parent enrollment begins on October 26th, 2015.  The enrollment process is the same for parents and students using the link and trip ID above.

 • The initial deposit ($143.00) is the responsibility of the parent or party /parties providing funding for the student.  Student account money (for those who have fundraising money in their student account) will be sent to world strides on your child’s behalf following your initial deposit in your child’s name from the band and/or chorus account. 

 • Chorus and/or Band student account (fundraising monies) will be sent to World Strides depending the fundraising schedule (four to five payments as fundraising dictates).  Every time a payment is made for your student (whether from the parent or chorus / band fundraising account), the balance will be adjusted and available online for you to check at the worldstrides website. 

 • Registration at world strides will enable you to set up a payment plan.  World Strides accepts credit card payments and payments made from your checking account.

 • Several Fundraising opportunities will be given to offset the cost of this trip.

 • Students must be in good standing in Chorus and/or Band to be eligible to take this trip.  This includes completing chorus and band assignments.   

 • The cost of the trip is $715.00.  The cost may fluctuate slightly ($10 - $20 more or less) depending on enrollment numbers and the number of hotel rooms needed. 

 • Students will need $80.00 to $100.00 for additional meals and souvineers.

 • Email questions to

 • Thank you for taking part in The Disney World Tour 2016 – A one of a kind musical experience that will create life-long memories for your child.  

September 20, 2015

--- Mums Delivery – 9/22 – Hughesville High School – 5 p.m.

--- LCBDA Expo – 9/23 – Loyalsock High School – Show starts 7 p.m. (Hughesville – 7:45 p.m. but the show WILL run ahead of schedule)

Tickets are $6 Adults / $4 Students and Seniors.  All tickets are bought at the door.

--- Jersey Shore TOB Competition – 9/26 – Jersey Shore High School – Show starts at 6:30 p.m. (Hughesville – 7:00 p.m.)

80 total tickets can be purchased through Mr. Harman for $5, AND we keep all the money.  They will be $7 at the door.  First come, first served.

September 3, 2015
--- Please wear your polo to school tomorrow.  You may wear your cloak around school, BUT it may not interfere with the educational setting.  I do not want to get any nastygrams in my mailbox.
--- There is a pep rally scheduled for 7th period.  Come straight to the band room after 6th period.  I will email your teachers.
--- Please bring both black and white socks tomorrow.  They are calling for rain in the afternoon, but it might linger into the evening, or make the field muddy.
--- I have your new "duffel" bags.  They are to hold your cloak, flip folder, a small fleece blanket, wallet, cell phone and a water bottle.  They are NOT to hold shoes, socks, hoodies, excessive amounts of food, etc.  Bags will stay at school in your band locker.
--- Remember: Everyone makes two trips to the uniform room.  Read the sign on the door.
--- Drink water.  It is hot and humid.  You are constantly losing water.
--- Ask a section leader if you have a question.
Schedule for football game:
6:35 - Armed Forces Salute, Introduction of Service Branches, Line up in tunnel
6:55 - HHS Football team runs through tunnel, Alma Mater and Star Spangled Banner
7:00 - Kick off
Halftime - East Juniata performs their field show, Swearing in of military recruits
Postgame - HHS marching band field show, fireworks
August 28th, 2015
Mums fundraisers and clothing order forms should be going home today.  Ask you student to see their fundraising forms.  (They are outside the band room.)
Clothing order forms also have gone out too.

Sign up for the band's text alert program.  Parents are welcome as well, of course. (You may unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP.) Anybody can subscribe (to receive alerts) by texting SPARTANMUSIC to 41411 from their mobile phone. It's that easy!