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    Me llamo Señora Oden. Soy maestra de español para las clases 9-12 (AP).       
    CHECK OUT Duolingo (with the green bird) to practice your Spanish online! It's free!
    Other great sites are: Yabla and Happy Hour Spanish--both offer free Spanish lessons and conversation practice. We use these in class to enhance our learning.
    I also have practice pages for Spanish I and II classes on QUIZLET, just look for Señora O.
    To contact me, please use the school's email: doden@elsd.org or call the school at 584-5111. I will return your call as soon as possible.
    Assignments are now located on Sapphire--the school's online portal.

    All Spanish classes follow the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and rely on the Five C's of language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.Spanish is an ELECTIVE class at HHS and is NOT required for graduation.

    All classes can expect to build a strong vocabulary and understanding of Spanish grammar and to engage in simple conversations as part of the learning process of a world language. Students are encouraged to use as much of the spoken language as possible building upon acquired knowledge throughout the year.

    As with most courses, learning a language is a lot like learning math, a student must show proficiency in the basics before being expected to master more complicated material.

    Parents and students are reminded that second language mastery takes years to develop. Practicing at home makes learning easier. It is my goal that successful  students take four years of Spanish and then continue to study it in college, which should include a study abroad program. This is really the only way to become fluent and to be competitive in the workplace.

    A syllabus will go home with each student stating classroom expectations and assessment guidelines. Assessments are based on homework, listening, reading, writing, and speaking performance standards and participation (attitude, work ethic, respect).

    Students who are new to learning a world language should expect to work in groups, not always of your own choosing, and to make oral presentations.