Hello my name is Jenny Krepshaw, formerly Miss Boyce, and I am the Elementary Counselor for the East Lycoming School District. I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Lock Haven University. I then went on to receive my Masters Degree in Elementary School Counseling from the University of Scranton.

     I feel very fortunate to work for the East Lycoming School District.  The students amaze me every year with their hard work and dedication to education.  I love watching the students personalities grow as reach their educational milestones.  We truly have a kindhearted group of kids at East Lycoming.  Each year I continue to feel the excitement of working with our students as if it is my first year with the district!  I cannot wait for all the fun new educational activities that I get to be a part of!  Another thing that I think is so special about this district is the level of family involvement. It amazes me more every year.  I look forward to working hard to meet all of the students academic, personal, social and emotional needs.  I welcome all of you to stop by and introduce yourself, the secretaries at each school will tell you where to find me! Most weeks my schedule looks like the following:
Monday: Ashkar Elementary
Tuesday: Ferrell Elementary
Wednesday: Ashkar Elementary
Thursday: Renn Elementary 
Friday: Ashkar Elementary