• It is the goal of the East Lycoming School District Safety Committee to provide a workplace free from unreasonable risk of injury or disease.

    The East Lycoming School District Safety Committee was established December, 2009.  The committee meets monthly at various locations throughout the district.  Functions of the committee include reviewing and offering improvement/prevention of immediate safety concerns, accidents/incidents, building inspections and safety procedures. 

    Mr. David Maciejewski, President
    Mr. Michael McClain, Vice President
    Mrs. Breanne Wentzel, Recording Secretary
    Mrs. Michele Burgett, Member
    Mrs. Carolyn Easton, Member
    Mr. Andrew Boyer, Member, School Resource Officer
    If you have an immediate safety concern and/or suggestion do not hesitate to email Mrs. Breanne Wentzel at bwentzel@elsd.org or call at (570)584-2131.
    Mr. Andrew Boyer, School Resource Officer, can be contacted by calling (570)584-5111 or by e-mail at aboyer@elsd.org.