Welcome to Ms. Staivisky's classes this year!! As a person who has walked the halls of HHS, as not only a teacher but also a student, I take great pride in being a part of the students' education. The courses I teach offer a mixture of challenges and rewards. Please refer to your Sapphire Portal Page for information specific to the classes I teach and upcoming assignments.  Contact me at the above email address or via voice mail - 584-5111 any time.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR STUDENTS WILL EXPLORE: Click the link to the left to explore class content in more detail.

AP English 12th grade  Updated Reading Catalog Form

11th Honors  English  Updated Reading Catalog Form

Speech and Debate - Semester 1

Creative Writing - Semester 2

I look forward to yet another wonderful and rewarding school year! I encourage student participation and creativity. If at any time a student wishes to seek out extra help, tutoring time can be made available by appointment. My classroom is A-7.