Thank you for your interest in the Hughesville High School Library.  My background includes that of being a Reading Specialist, a National Board Certified Teacher and a certified Library Media Specialist.  My goal is to share quality literature with all students while teaching Information Literacy Skills as often as possible. Reading is fundamental and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with all students. I also teach a Futures I career pathway class.  Weekly assignments can be found on the community portal page in the Sapphire online parent portal link located on the East Lycoming website.

    The goal of the Hughesville High School Library is to ensure that students graduate as competent, critical, and ethical users of information, while preparing students to become lifelong learners.  Information literate citizens are able to determine their information needs, recognize relevant information, solve problems and effectively communicate the results of their research.  Instruction, formal and informal, provides students with a process transferable across subject areas and from academic to real life. Students learn through guided, inquiry-driven research using resources in all formats.  The entire staff strives to model the school's shared core values: pride, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence.