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    Herzlich Willkommen! (Welcome!)

    I'm Dr. Bauer. I teach German One and Two, English Eleven and Honors English Twelve. Here are my expectations:


    German One is an introductory course designed for basic communication skills in everyday circumstances, for example, how to change money in a bank, how to go grocery shopping, how to accept an invitation to a social gathering.

    Each student who successfully completes this course will be able to function in German-speaking Europe in everyday settings.

    Grading is simple: Your report card will reflect a percentage expression of the total number of points which you have earned divided by the total number of points that were possible in the nine weeks grading period. That means that class participation, class preparedness, etc., are all factored equally into your grade. Homework is intended as a preparation for class and therefore counts as part of your class participation grade. An optional oral exam for extra credit is given at the end of each grading period.

    CLASS PARTICIPATION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in my class, because, of all the four skills associated with foreign language acquisition (listening, speaking, reading and writing) I focus on speaking the most. Speaking is ACTIVE (as is writing). The more you can produce on your own, the better your foreign language skills will be.

    You need to come to class with a positive attitude (a smile), your German book, a notebook, and a writing utensil. If you bring these items and you do as directed, you will succeed!

    German Two is a continuation of German One (above). You will learn more fluency in a wider variety of settings and situations, for example, how to discuss what you did while you were on vacation. Same class expectations apply. By now, you are used to German instruction in my classroom, so no real changes in classroom management or classroom climate are necessary.

    Grading for German Two is the same as for German One.


    English Eleven
    English Eleven is designed to prepare students for post-high school. You will write essays and complete related reading assignments in order to be successful on the Keystone exam. All of the Pennsylvania State standards will be addressed including comprehension of Fiction and Nonfiction, interpretation and analysis, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Additional focus will be on reading and writing strategies.
    Grading will be 40% classroom activities (such as constructed responses, vocab and class participation), 50% tests and formal essays, and 10% homework (which you can begin in class toward the end of the period to ensure that you are on the right track).
    English Twelve is intended to best prepare students for the first college English courses (as well as for the so-called real world that may not include college) by improving writing skills, and focusing on short stories from British and World Literature.  Grading distribution is similar to above (English Eleven).
    Principles of English is intended as a kind of refresher and remediation course intended to help students who need a boost in their English reading and writing skills. 

    If you have any questions, my contact information appears above. The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I check it several times a day, so I will get back to you more quickly than if you phone me here at the high school. However, I make every attempt to promptly respond to phone messages as well!

    Best regards!

    Dr. JB