Hello parents and students.  Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I welcome you to visit it anytime.   Here is a little bit of information about Mr. Fortin,  third grade teacher at Renn Elementary...

I have been teaching in public education for 19 years.  I began my teaching career in the Muncy School District before becoming a teacher in East Lycoming.  I love teaching at the elementary level.  I find it very rewarding when a child learns something new, and that his or her learning was influenced by my teaching. To date, I have taught at Ashkar, Ferrell, and am currently teaching at Renn.  I've  loved my experiences at all three schools, and look forward to the next 20 years of teaching in the E.L.S.D.

Before teaching, I worked in a private school for troubled youths for one half year, and had tons of different jobs in high school and college.  Some of them were delivery kid for the old Vannucci Pharmacy in Williamsport, road construction worker, deli worker, and everyone's favorite college job - pizza delivery guy. Actually, the construction job was my favorite one before I started teaching.    Aside from my teaching career, I sell real estate and do real estate development and investment.  

I graduated from South Williamsport high school.  I enjoyed sports in school while playing baseball, wrestling, football, and track.  I also played rugby in college for a bit.  I continue to be involved in athletics by coaching my children and their friends in youth sports.  
I graduated fromLycoming College with degrees in psychology and elementary education.  I earned my master's degree from Wilkes University.  
I have lots of favorites:

MLB team - New York Yankees


NFL team - Pittsburgh Steelers

NCAA team - Penn State Nittany Lions

Food - steak

Animal - dog

TV show - any football game

Sport - wrestling (HHS rules!)

School subject - math

Season - summer



I am looking forward to this school year because I know that I'll have a classroom full of caring, energetic students.  Be ready to work hard this year, kids.  You really will be challenged to do your best.  Don't worry, though.  We are going to have a lot of fun too!