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East Lycoming School District

2012-13 Proposed Final General Fund Budget


The 2012-13 Proposed Final General Fund Budget of the East Lycoming School District was adopted by the School Board on May 8, 2012 and totals $21,202,257.  As adopted, the budget represents an increase of $1,015,935 or 5.03% over the current year’s budget.  The expenditure increases are accounted for in four main areas:


Health Insurance: $250,000

PA School Retirement System: $312,000

Cyber-Charter School Tuition:  $130,000

Debt Service for Prior Building Renovations:  $240,000


For the district to meet its fiscal responsibilities, the Real Estate Tax Rate will increase to 11.78 mills for the 2012-13 budget representing a .25 mill increase or 2.17%.


The proposed local taxes for the School District’s 2012-13 fiscal year are as follows:     


     Real Estate Tax                       11.78 mills      

     Earned Income Tax                       1.20%

     Real Estate Transfer Tax                  .50%