Welcome to the Technology Department at the East Lycoming School District. Over the past few years many exciting Technology Initiatives have taken place. As an example, our school is one of the very first school districts to introduce iPads in the K-6 grade levels. Currently, we have shifted to a 1:1 model in 4 - 6 grades which means that every student in grades 4 - 6 have the opportunity to receive their own, individual ipad which enables them to interact directly with our courses at both primary and secondary levels. In total, we have over 1300 ipads in the district K-12. We are very excited about this transition and are working hard with students, staff and the community to ensure its success.
Another recent initiative is our student run Video Production Club which currently operates on 50+ students. A local grant has enabled the Technology Department to transform an existing classroom into a state of the art Video Production studio complete with two green chroma-key back drops, 3 HD Video Camera, Studio quality audio system and the Tricaster 300. The Tricaster system allows the students to experience real time virtual sets, live camera switching and HD web based video streaming. The club has it's own Livestream channel which is used to broadcast anything from morning announcements to live sporting events. The Livestream website can be found at: http://new.livestream.com/eastlycoming and features over 200 broadcasted events. Most recently the club raised money to purchase an aerial drone to capture additional footage for projects. With some recent upgrades we were able to achieve our first ever football broadcast with live video from the air.
My personal philosophy regarding Educational Technology is that it is a tool. Technology doesn't teach students, teachers teach students. We have to embrace Technology as a way to reach each and every student in a way they are most comfortable learning. Along with that comes great responsibility to make sure that the Technology becomes a valuable investment and is used to it's fullest capabilities. 
The Technology Department is made up of the following staff:
Adam H. Creasy
Director of Technology
Kitty Snyder
Technology Assistant
Anes Begic
Technology Intern
Shane Fiester
Technology Intern
Ryan Murray
Student Technology Intern
Please feel free to follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/eastlycoming 

Adam H. Creasy
Director of Technology
East Lycoming School District
(570) 916 - 0258

Last Modified on October 22, 2014