Safe and Drug free Grant
The safe and drug free grant is a grant offered to schools to assist in ensuring a safe and drug free school environment.  Schools may use the money towards equipment, services and education that will increase safety or drug awareness and prevention.  Schools need to submit an application to the state that outlines how they intend to use the money towards the goal of a safe and drug free school.  There is a committee of teachers, community members, law enforcement representatives and professional service representatives that meet and discuss how to most effectively use the money.  The committee determines what is the greatest area of concern and what would best address these concerns.  The committee meets throughout the year to plan the activities and also to reflect on the activities to see if they are effectively meeting the designed objectives.  The state has identified several programs that have been proven as effective programs.  At Hughesville, we have targeted our student assistance program as our focus of the grant.  A large part of the grant goes toward ensuring an effective student assistance program for the students of our district.  Involved with this is the identification, assessment and counseling of students identified as in need of the services.
Program Information Contact:
R. Reichner
Hughesville High School
349 Cemetery Street
Hughesville, PA 17737
Phone (570) 584-5111